The obesity epidemics sweeping across developed nations aren’t the only reason that physical education is important. Maintaining a habit of regular exercise and staying physically active has been shown to increase longevity, decrease the loss of brain function in old age, and generally improve quality of life for people of every demographic. While an hour of required P.E. in elementary school is a good way to start improving the health habits of our citizens, it isn’t enough. Building exercise into the fabric of our lives at the population level will take a serious effort, and the people who maintain the websites listed below are ahead of the curve in promoting necessary physical health initiatives.

Phys. Ed. Resources

The sites below are kept by people who are actively engaged in providing physical education tools and resources and spreading the word about healthy levels of physical activity through kids’ programs, group exercise, and even mobile phone apps. Anyone looking for a new phys. ed. technique or just something active and fun to do will find it in the sites listed here.

  1. University of Michigan School of Kinesiology

    The University of Michigan offers two youth programs that set an example for the possibility of other programs throughout the country. U-Move Fitness and KidSport offer a wide variety of activities that can engage any kid or young adult, and they also have physical education workshops and a “Lifetime Fitness” program for seniors.

  2. California Physical Education Workshop

    These California workshops promote interest in physical educators and their advancement at elementary and secondary education levels. Educators can enjoy top-notch guidance in health, recreation, physical education, and dance.

  3. American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance

    This nationwide organization encourages leadership, research, education, and best practices in activities that promote creative, healthy, and active lives. With so many activities to choose from, this organization leaves little room for individuals to say “no” to an active lifestyle.

  4. Sport IQ

    Sports professionals can enjoy publications that support specifications for all exam boards for A Level PE, as well as GCSE and BTEC. Be inspired and challenged by the standards set by the articles contained in this multimedia platform.

  5. PE Central

    This site is geared toward PE and health teachers, and for parents and students. Engage in fun kids’ fitness programs, grab a few of over 2,000 published lesson ideas, and share your own ideas for a healthy and fit lifestyle with this group.

  6. Great Activities Publishing Company

    Join about 3,000 PE teachers who subscribe to this publication, which includes elementary and middle school physical education ideas and activities. This company has hundreds of resources, including books, worships, and innovative products that can help you plan your fitness agendas for kids.

  7. YIS PE

    The Yokohama International School provides this resource freely for physical education curriculums and events. You can use the handbook, soak in their resources, and learn how to adjust your assignment calendar if you teach PE, too.

  8. Sports Coach

    If you’re enthused by sports, this site can help you find ways to develop physical and mental conditioning to be your best at competing or coaching. The focus is on sports in the UK, but the goals are international – fitness, health, and wellness.

  9. Learn Physical Education and Health

    This section in the “Learn” network is geared toward preschool and elementary educators who are engaged in PE and health topics. This is an excellent spot to connect with other teachers, find resources, and contribute your own ideas on how to make these subjects more engaging for students.

  10. 2 Athletes

    The drive behind this site is to make it the best online resource for sports performance, backed by scientific research proven through practical application. Joshua, the force behind this site, is a certified strength and conditioning coach.

  11. Sports Media

    Get in early on this site’s entry into the PE resource field. The free digest contains PE and related subject articles, based upon good practices. Enjoy videos that exemplify those practices, too.

  12. The Physical Educator

    If you’re a physical educator who is tired by being typecast as a “gym teacher,” then take a look at this site. The Physical Educator is all about advancing the changes and perception in this field through teacher resources and online networking.

  13. School 2 Home Resources for Physical Education

    Why teach facts, when any student can research those facts online? Instead, take concepts to the classroom, where theory can create a foundation for every topic, including physical education. This site’s resources can push PE to the next level.

  14. PE Office

    PE Office provides resources and products that can help any instructor enhance a physical education program. Although located in the UK, the media is international, and the lessons are universal.

  15. Mr. Robbo, The PE Geek

    Jarrod is an Australian PE teacher who has great passion for teaching and learning through technology. But, don’t expect to sit and play games online – he’s also a huge advocate for lifelong movement and physical activity.

  16. PhysEd Games

    Many PE instructors would love to have access to videos that quickly show how to play primary school PE games. PhysEd Games offers this resource, with easy-to-follow instructions for games ranging from dodgeball to football.

  17. Mr. Pettiford’s Site

    This Australian Phys Ed teacher wants to see kids excel and achieve their dreams. Learn how this instructor sets personal goals that translate to goals he also sets for his students.

  18. TCPS Physical

    The Child’s Primary School in San Diego maintains an active and resourceful PE site in their school’s online presence. Coach Santiago chronicles his students’ progress through notes, photos, and praise for their athletic abilities.

  19. KidsHealth from Nemours

    This is a great resource for parents who want to avoid “doctor speak.” The writers at this site want to provide families with perspective, advice, and comfort concerning a wide range of child and teen physical, emotional, and behavioral issues.

  20. PE Universe

    If you’ve realized that teaching is more difficult without conferring with a community of like-minded physical educators, then you may have already discovered this site. Share ideas, learn, inspire, and build the best PE program ever with resources in this space.

  21. PhysEd Source

    Take advantage of an online directory that can point you to websites and other helpful resources listed just for physical education professionals. The topics range from gymnastics to sports, and from individual training to dance.

  22. Wisconsin Department of Health Services Nutrition, Physical Activity and Obesity Prevention Program

    One of many statewide programs focused on health, fitness, and nutrition, Wisconsin takes these topics to a new level with information and resources for any school, home, or worksite. This is an exceptional resource for training and media materials and obesity prevention planning.

  23. Action for Healthy Kids

    This nationwide organization works locally to fight childhood obesity, undernourishment, and the promotion of physical activity. The focus is on making schools healthier places to kids can learn outside the home while partnering with entire communities.

  24. Billy Merchant’s PE Blog

    Mr. Merchant is a New Zealand college principal with a background in health and physical education. He’s passionate about engaging technologies to help students learn faster and with more fun.

  25. Mr Wickens PE

    Mr. Wickens is a university PE trainee with key interests in phys ed, technology, and independent learning, among other topics. He supplies recommended resources like blogs and articles that can help any PE instructor gain insight into any field of health and wellness.

  26. Pickett’s Mill Physical Education

    Few schools show successful and engaging PE sites, but Pickett’s Mill is an exception. Not only do they promote their events, but their programs and records show a pride in leadership, innovation, and successes.

  27. Physical Education Update Blog

    Sometimes a general overall perspective on sports and physical education and coaching is needed to gain insights that readers may not otherwise entertain. Take a break and enjoy this refreshing, entertaining, and educational insight into another coach’s life.

  28. The Tech Savvy PE Teacher

    If you’re intent on combining technology with physical education, Shayna can help you choose the right tools and show you how to use them in the classroom. This site is great for educators, but the person who is engaged in a personal fitness program also can benefit.

  29. Human Kinetics

    Any physical educator can benefit from learning about changes and updates in the kinetics field. Topics at this site include aquatics, dance, nutrition, and sports, among many other helpful subjects.

  30. Physical Education/Health Blog

    This blog, offered by the Northwest Area Education Agency, provides students, parents, teachers, and administrators with resources concerning health and fitness. The focus is on health news gathered to stay on top of trending issues within the subject of creating healthy lifestyles.

  31. Project Fit America

    This nationwide organization spreads their health and fitness philosophies at the grassroots level through schools managed by enthusiastic educators. Entire communities become engaged in supporting these efforts through funding, equipment, training, and other resources required to create a love for movement.

  32. Teach PE

    If you want a free resource for sports coaching, A-Level PE, and GCSE PE, this site provides your answer. The wide variety of topics offered here range from athletics to anatomy, and from study aids to sports training.

  33. Health Happenings

    Meredith York is a high school health teacher and coach and an assistant volleyball and track coach. Her site is geared to educate parents on her curriculum and to engage those parents in cooperating with building healthy lifestyles for students.

  34. PE Links 4u

    Central Washington University developed this site to promoted active and healthy lifestyles. They offer a wide range of articles and ideas, as well as products and media reviews – all geared toward developing a great resource for phys ed teachers .

  35. Handheld Learning in PE

    College PE teacher Phil Barrett offers a great resource for phys ed instructors who want to incorporate technology into their classes. He encourages the use of free tools that offer a cost-effective solution to engaging students with handheld learning.

  36. Careers in Sport

    This guide for individuals in sports careers offers in-depth analysis into career options available in the field. Interviews, advice, and insights into qualifications can help make your job search easier.

  37. Wagner’s BIG RED PHYS ED

    If you believe in eating meat and veggies, nuts, seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar to support strength training, then check out this site. The philosophy here is to consume foods to support exercise, but not body fat, and this perspective is supported by strength training basics.

  38. PE Revision

    Interactive physical education resources can offer tests and exams that are less stressful for students and for teachers. This particular resource is geared toward physical education, with demos featuring help for health, fitness, exercise and performance, and many other topics.

  39. Fairview Physical Education

    This Wisconsin school provides parents and other readers with information about their phys ed classes. The blog is well written and inspiring for any fitness enthusiast.

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State & Government Phys. Ed. Programs

The government is involved in promoting physical education and health through the public school system and other public health initiatives, and many local government branches make the information about their phys. ed. programs freely available online. Non-governmental organizations often take up the challenge of phys. ed. promotion for a given state or county as well, and many states have an association specifically to promote health, physical activity, and dance.

  1. New York City Department of Education School Wellness Programs

    New York City, with one of the largest public education organizations in the U.S., provides readers with ideas through resources, programs, and policies that can help other programs succeed. Their philosophy is that a combination of academic skills, good health, and physical and mental fitness can help any student succeed.

  2. Montana Office of Public Instruction Health Enhancement & Safety Division

    Montana takes its health and safety programs seriously through units devoted to nutrition, traffic education, and “coordinated school health.” All programs are designed to mitigate major health problems and health-risk behaviors and to maximize potential.

  3. West Virginia Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance

    This state organization, part of a larger nationwide program, provides an example of success in motivating youth to move through sports and dance. Their awards, news, and resources are great offerings to entire families and to schools.

  4. Connecticut Department of Education Healthy ConneCTions

    Connecticut has designed a system for improving health and academic achievement through community support, resources, and a focus on improved mental and physical development. This physical-mental aspect is the “ConneCTion” for their philosophies.

  5. Arkansas Department of Education Physical Education / Health

    Arkansas has developed a site that provides programs and resources geared toward both indoor and outdoor activities, including a component for game and fish. Their “Get Fit Arkansas” wiki encourages interactive participation in development of healthy lifestyles.

  6. Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction Physical Education Instruction in Wisconsin

    Wisconsin is featured through its physical education program for their department of public instruction. This site provides curricula as well as standards, requirements, and responsibilities for early childhood through high school and beyond.

  7. Wisconsin Department of Health Services Physical Education Best Practices

    Wisconsin is featured again with its resources provided to enhance physical education best practices. Readers at this site can browse through PE activities, lesson plans, and teaching techniques that can enhance any physical education or health program.

  8. Michigan Department of Education Physical Education

    Michigan school administrators believe that physical education helps students develop their fullest potential in academics and in health. This site covers all students, from pre-kindergarten through high school.

  9. Healthier Schools New Mexico

    New Mexico schools have designed a model for “coordinated school health” that is statewide and comprehensive. This entire site is dedicated to the objectives of fitness, health, nutrition, safe and healthy environments, health services, and community.

  10. Arizona Department of Education Health & Nutrition Services

    Arizona’s focus for its school health programs includes nutrition – and this site is all about child and school nutrition programs. The advantage to such a narrow focus is that they can provide information about every statewide program offered, including food distribution and also interact with comments about school nutrition ideas.

  11. South Dakota Department of Education Physical Education

    South Dakota Department of Education’s physical education component is comprehensive. This entire site is geared toward educating residents about everything from the common core curriculum to accountability and resources.

  12. Vermont Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance

    Vermont’s component of a nationwide organization provides a view into a successful program that encourages interaction and fitness success. This organization encourages volunteerism, but also offers scholarships and further education possibilities designed to promote a successful and healthy lifestyle.

  13. North Carolina Alliance for Athletics, Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance

    This North Carolina organization is allied with the national component as well as a southern regional organization that helps to build programs for fitness through a number of activities. The focus is on activity for fitness and wellness, but they also conduct research and promote education.

  14. Arizona Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance

    This component of Arizona’s health and physical education is geared toward individuals, families, schools, and communities that want to engage in healthier living. This organization’s philosophy is stated simply, “if we don’t take personal responsibility for advancing a cause that effects every family in our state – who will?”

  15. California Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance

    CAHPERD promotes the organizing and progress of school, community and statewide programs of health, physical education, recreation and dance through programs, education, and research. They also offer great motivation through awards and scholarships.

  16. Connecticut Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance

    This nonprofit organization provides memberships and support for anyone affiliated with public or private elementary and secondary schools, colleges and universities, and recreation and dance centers. The drive is toward legislative advocacy, education, and efforts to engage communities in allied events.

  17. Mississippi Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance

    MAHPERD advocates for programs that encourage healthy, physically active lifestyles among residents of all ages. This organization also is driven to research to help readers and members understand the connection between physical health and enhanced lifestyles.

  18. South Carolina Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance

    The mission for this health and fitness organization is to promote health, physical activity and wellness among the state’s citizens through effective leadership, professional development, education and advocacy. Motivation is garnered through awards, recognition, and programs to help educators and leaders develop fit communities.

  19. Michigan Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance

    The purpose behind MAHPERD is to dedicate time and energy to promoting education in health, fitness, recreation, and dance in schools and communities throughout Michigan. They make workshops readily available throughout the state, and also are active through social media.

  20. Illinois Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance

    This Illinois organization is over 80-years-old, so it is a well-established organization that focuses on health and wellness for state residents. They offer programs and publications as well as awards and grants to motivate a move toward healthier living.

  21. New Jersey Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance

    New Jersey expresses its dedication to advancing quality health education, physical education, recreation, dance education, and athletics through this organization. Professional development, programming, advocacy, and collegial exchange all contribute to this program’s success.

  22. Indiana Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance

    IAHPERD provides its members with advocacy, professional development, and research-based pedagogies resulting in healthier communities. Engaging with teachers, administrators, researchers, coaches, students and other allied professionals, this organization contains more than 1,000 members.

  23. Virginia Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance

    VAHPERD is Virginia’s association for health and fitness, providing members with programs and resources that reach into every region within that state. Their focuses on health, fitness, recreation, and dance are supported by research, advocacy, and member publications.

  24. Tennessee Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance

    Members of this Tennessee organization enjoy networking, professional support, and professional development opportunities to enhance promotion and mission in their everyday lives. The organization offers updates, workshop information, and important links as well as advocacy for health and fitness statewide.

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Youth Fitness

Physical activity habits form early, and a child who learns to be a couch potato watching cartoons after school will have a hard time taking up regular exercise as an adult. Elementary, middle, and high schools have a lot of responsibility, and often fall short in their phys. ed. offerings, but many public and private programs are trying to pick up the slack and get kids off the couch and into sports and athletic activities.

  1. SPARK

    San Diego State University Research Foundation created this initiative to combat childhood obesity in 1989. Since that time, their efforts have become the standard for creating programs and activities to help keep children healthy and to provide them with longer lives.

  2. HealthMPowers

    HealthMPowers is a nonprofit organization that works to improve the health status and environment for students in grades PreK-8 nationwide. This group provides schools with education and training, and provides resources for schools, students, staff, and families.

  3. Society of State Leaders of Health and Physical Education

    This professional association contains members who supervise and coordinate programs in health, physical education, and related fields within state departments of education. Members benefit with access to rich and meaningful discussions about the state of health and physical education across the country.

  4. PE4Life

    PE4Life focuses regionally on supporting schools and community partners in developing quality physical education. This organization has trained physical education professionals and administrators from 40 states and 9 countries around the world.

  5. PACE Trek

    Many schools and communities have entered this initiative, which is a one-of-a-kind annual running, walking, and learning event for K-12 students. This free event promotes safety, healthy living, and bonding between families and within communities.

  6. Athletics, Physical Education/Health 9-12, & Intramurals

    Westfield High School’s athletics and PE program and its supervisor, Mrs. Karen Gomez, provide examples of how any high school can enhance their programs and provide interaction between the school and its students’ parents. All aspects of sports are addressed here, including ways to provide students with motivation.

  7. Together Counts

    Now there’s no reason why kids can’t learn the simple equation of “calories in, calories out.” Together Counts is a nationwide program that inspires students to balance their lives and their weight while eating healthy and getting fit.

  8. Alliance for a Healthier Generation

    Any school that engages with this healthy school program learns seven different angles to healthier programs through “Wellness Categories.” As a result, students get healthier food, and they learn why they’re eating that food. Exercise and activities also are involved in the mix.


    CANFIT is a leader in building community leadership and stimulating change at multiple levels. CANFIT focuses on low income African-American, American Indian, Latino/Hispanic, Asian American and Pacific Islander adolescents, and they believe in engaging those youth in taking theory into practice for health and fitness.

  10. Electrikids

    Schools have used Electrikids to bring high-energy activities to school campuses in Los Angeles and nationwide. This nonprofit group also lead fitness and educational classes in churches and other community organizations.

  11. HealthCorps

    The mission for this organization is to to implement an innovative in-school model that inspires teens to make healthier choices for themselves and their families. This effort entails school programs, a national peer-mentoring program, and advocacy for healthier public policies locally and nationwide.

  12. Presidential Youth Fitness Program

    This government initiative includes fitness assessment, professional development, and recognition for successes. Schools can adopt the program to assess, track, and award youth fitness and physical activity with accuracy.

  13. The Fit Kids Foundation

    Fit Kids provides materials and training for an eight-week program that meets one hour per week once a week. Their coaches will take children through a series of fun activities all aimed at getting kids active and to help mitigate and eliminate childhood obesity.

  14. After-School All-Stars

    This program, which now serves over 81,000 students annually, is found in 400 schools across the nation. This is a free after-school program for students to help them become more active, healthy, and – as a result – more empowered.

  15. CrossFit Kids

    Since 2004, this program has grown into an international effort to provide kids with strength and conditioning programs that help them develop a life-long love for fitness. The site is engaging, and filled with hundreds of resources and connections that can make this program work for you, too.

  16. Coordinated Approach to Child Health (CATCH)

    CATCH is a coordinated school health program that builds an alliance among parents, teachers, child nutrition personnel, school staff, and community partners to teach everyone how to be healthy for a lifetime. Four components based upon education, health, PE, and nutrition reinforce positive attitudes about healthy living.

  17. Change for Kids

    Beginning in downtown Manhattan, this program quickly became a citywide effort to reshape its kids’ health education. This program can serve as a guide for other cities that want to promote programs in literacy, arts, and healthy living.

  18. Kids Fit Foundation

    As a national nonprofit organization, Kids Fit provides funds and provides fitness programs for at risk youth and their families. They operate one-day events for kids to reach goals and to celebrate healthy lives with friends and family.

  19. Let’s Move!

    First Lady Michelle Obama created this initiative to help combat the growing epidemic of childhood obesity. Over the past four years, this program has created a nationwide awareness about obesity and how this lack of activity and unhealthy eating can affect the future of this nation.

  20. Your Health Journal

    Len Saunder’s blog addresses health, fitness, nutrition, and wellness for adults and for children. Categories that might interest entire families include childhood obesity, healthy tips, role models, and health and fitness articles.

  21. Let’s Play Today

    Kids tend to be more active when exercise entails fun, playful activities that blossom eventually into fitness programs. That’s the premise behind this exciting site that also includes an educational component that offers lesson plans, videos, handouts, and other materials to get fun started at home or in the community.

  22. Fuel Up to Play 60

    All it takes is 60 minutes per day to get healthy and to stay fit. This program works with schools and community to help improve programs and maximize efforts to keep students healthy and fit.

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General Fitness

Fitness is a huge craze, with programs like Insanity, P90X, and CrossFit growing rapidly and expanding into new markets, but there are still many people with unhealthy habits, sedentary lifestyles, and a general lack of interest in physical education. The sites below cover fitness and phys. ed. in all its forms, and for all audiences. Anyone with an interest in health or fitness will be able to find practical advice and inspiration from the sites below.

  1. National Association for Health and Fitness

    This organization was founded by The President’s Council on Sports and Fitness in 1979, and serves as a non-governmental organization that promotes general fitness and healthy lifestyles among Americans.

  2. Wellness Institute of Greater Buffalo

    This organization uses community organizing, social media, and crowdfunding tactics to promote health and physical wellbeing in Buffalo and Western New York. The Wellness Institute of Greater Buffalo is a stellar example of how to use the “Healthy Community Network” model of healthy lifestyle promotion.

  3. Zamzee Blog

    Zamzee wants to make a social impact in the world as it supports kids and their families in building and living more active and healthy lives. They focus on childhood obesity, healthy lifestyles, and parenting by offering great ideas for the whole family to enjoy.

  4. Shape Up America!

    How do you lose weight, get fit, and stay healthy? By increasing physical activity and eating healthy! This site shows you how to accomplish both tasks with ease through their articles on how to change and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

  5. Cooper Institute

    The Cooper Institute introduced aerobics to the world in 1968, and it has stayed on the leading edge in defining health and wellness. This site contains research, education, a blog and a “Yout Zone” just for young adults.

  6. United States Water Fitness Association

    You don’t need to invent the wheel when it comes to developing water fitness programs. Just follow the guidelines created by this organization to create the most useful programs for any swimmer and aquatic center.

  7. National Association for Fitness Certification

    If you’re seeking certification for your fitness program, try the NAFC’s combination of demanding standards, practical application of scientific principles, and affordable program pricing. This group was developed by an experts in exercise physiology, adaptive physical education, medicine and nursing, and professional coaching, a winning combination for becoming the best trainer.

  8. National Association for Sport and Physical Education

    NASPE sets the standard for best practices in quality physical education and sport. It is the largest of five national nonprofit associations that make up the vital American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance.

  9. Sport e Coach

    It doesn’t matter that this organization is located in Australia – because everything you need to learn is online. Sport e Coach offers a variety of online sports coaching services, including accredited education, training programs to help meet fitness goals, and musculoskeletal rehabilitation conditioning.

  10. 4Ever Fitness

    Two school buddies teamed up to offer their expertise on sports fitness through articles about training and exercise. After training for numerous sports, they have tips and ideas that could help you get fit without injury.

  11. National Board of Fitness Examiners

    NBFE’s goal is to satisfy the public demand for qualified fitness professionals. Their program includes the National Board examination that ensures an approved level of competency from individuals who work in the health and fitness industry.

  12. Active Living Alliance

    This organization works for Canadians with disabilities, but their site offers ideas about for anyone who wants to promote advocacy for fitness among the disabled. Learn more about their amazing nationally-coordinated leadership, support, and encouragement for healthy living among Canadians.

  13. Ask The Trainer

    No matter if you’re a personal fitness trainer, or if you’re just trying to get fit – this site offers thousands of tips on how to get fit and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Browse articles on fat loss, nutrition, exercise, bodybuilding, fitness gear, and fitness geared to women – then get up off that couch and work it!

  14. IDEA Health & Fitness Assocation

    IDEA has been a consistent, guiding force in health and fitness since 1982 and they have evolved through anticipating fitness professionals’ needs in their education and careers. Become a member to learn everything you need to know about becoming a fitness professional through videos, articles, tips, and community support.

  15. Nick Knowles PT

    Nick is a Certified Health Fitness Specialist who shares his knowledge about fitness and athletics through a no-nonsense approach. In between consulting with school athletic teams and other clients, he likes to lift heavy objects and listen to Hawaiian music.

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