How to Earn a Physical Education Degree Online

BasketballA physical education degree online? Really? It can’t be…It IS possible to earn a physical education degree online, and accredited, recognized schools offer such programs because the demand is high. Students need maximum flexibility more than never due to scheduling restraints, budget concerns, and other time commitments.

But how can a school offer a degree online that is focused on physical activity? It’s possible because you take the same courses as you would in a traditional, on-campus program. Nutrition and wellness classes can be completed from your home computer or office, anywhere with an Internet connection for that matter.

Programs are as rigorous and demanding as their mainstream counterparts. The main difference is how you access course materials, assignments, and tests. Online programs require students to log in to a virtual classroom where you’ll engage in discussions, projects, and assignments with other learners from across the globe. Many soon-to-be coaches, fitness instructors, PE teachers, and nutritionist are learning the skills they need to secure employment – all from their home computer.

What to Expect

Experienced professors are online and ready to provide students with a comprehensive education in coaching, nutrition and wellness, physical education, or any other related field. Many schools use Blackboard as a virtual classroom that allows students to access all materials, including tests, from their computer. Classes that require physical fitness testing are also conducted online, depending on the school.

Some of the courses you can expect to complete include:

In addition to the classes noted above, you might also be required to complete a fieldwork component at a school or physical fitness center, depending on your area of study. You might also take courses in athletic administration or educational leaderships. Each program is difference with its own set of requirements. Make sure you research each program carefully to fine the right one that fits your career goals. If you want to work a gym rather than a school, research programs that provide opportunities to learn about what it takes to succeed in this field.

For those with aspirations of being a PE teacher at an elementary or high school, there are online programs designed for this profession. You’ll learn how to work with students at various grade levels in addition to instructional planning and assessment.

Keep in mind, though, that the track to become a physical education teacher is more complicated than just earning your degree. Requirements vary by state but, like all teachers, PE teachers need to earn their bachelor’s degree as well as a license or certification. Additionally, states require completing a teacher preparation program and supervised experience in teaching. After this is all done, most teachers need to take annual professional development in order to be able to keep teaching. But remember, this is only required for Physical Education graduates that want to teach.

Types of Online Programs

If you already have a degree in physical education or related field, you might be in looking for continuing education classes or a certification program. Both are also offered online and can be completed around your work schedule.

If your employer requires to you to complete continuing education courses, perhaps research online schools to see if you can find an accredited program. Or if you’re interested in becoming a coach, but don’t have the proper academic credentials, some schools offer certification programs or introduction courses that allow you to learn about a new area in your field, without having to take time of work to attend classes.

But before you enroll in an online program, make sure to check accreditation and talk to an admissions counselor. It’s important to learn as much as possible about the school, its faculty, and the student body. Education comes a high price so make smart choices by weighing pros and cons and thinking through your options carefully.

List of online physical education degrees

Purdue University Nutrition (BS) Health Science (BS) The Purdue University Bachelor of Science in Health Science is built to prepare you to enter many exciting opportunities. Courses focus on exploring the principles of nutrition, prevention, complimentary healthcare, and explores being mentally healthy, not just physically healthy. Purdue also offers a Nutrition Science program that explores the effects of nutrition and diets on the body and mind.

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