New Developments in Physical Education

Physical education in schools has changed quite a bit over the years, largely due to the obesity epidemic and the health problems that it causes. Obesity among our nation’s young people is on the rise, and unfortunately, more and more children are spending their time doing stationary activities. A typical child spends approximately four to five hours a day watching television, using a computer, or playing video games.

In order to combat childhood obesity, physical education teachers must do their best to promote lifelong physical activity to boys and girls. As such, new developments in physical education have emerged, and the job of a PE teacher is now more important than ever.

A Focus on Nutrition

Some schools offer both physical education and health classes; however, health class is not mandatory (or even an option) in some schools. In such cases, schools look to hire PE teachers with a strong background in health and wellness in order to teach students about how to make eat healthier. In such cases, a PE teacher would be for instructing and supervise sports and other physical fitness activities as well as addressing health issues, such as nutrition. Today’s children now raised in a fast-food culture, and as we all know, most fast food does not provide the essential nutrients our bodies need. If children are not active, the negative effects of fast food will catch up much sooner.

A Focus on the Whys

Today’s PE class is much more focused on why physical education is important as opposed to the drill-style techniques of yesterday. PE teachers now utilize different approaches to teaching physical activity and emphasize on why staying fit is so important, especially as waistlines continue to expand. Schools can play an important role in helping their students live healthier lives, and a high quality PE teacher can be a change agent in the lives of young people. Children need to understand why they are should perform a variety of physical fitness activities. If they don’t know the whys, the most likely wont’t care.

Making PE Class Fun

Children who enjoy gym class are more likely to have physically active lives outside of school, according to a report in Health Psychology. Therefore, it’s up to PE teachers to their classes fun and to bring new and exciting activities to the gym. It’s important to implement physical activities that children enjoy and will hopefully continue to do outside of class. And by including activities for all students, this will allow everyone to be involved and challenge the more fitness-inclined kids.

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