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List of online physical education degrees

Purdue University Nutrition (BS) Health Science (BS) The Purdue University Bachelor of Science in Health Science is built to prepare you to enter many exciting opportunities. Courses focus on exploring the principles of nutrition, prevention, complimentary healthcare, and explores being mentally healthy, not just physically healthy. Purdue also offers a Nutrition Science program that explores the effects of nutrition and diets on the body and mind.

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Degree Requirements for Physical Education Teachers

Becoming a physical education teacher isn’t as difficult a process as one might think. Physical educators need a bachelor’s degree and a valid teaching certificate for whichever state they plan on teaching in. The most common bachelor’s degree for physical education teachers to hold is in health and physical education, but it’s not uncommon to find educators with degrees in nutrition science or kinesiology. The certificate needed is state specific, so if you work in one state, but move to another, you will have to take another certification exam for the new state. For people who do not have a physical education degree, it is possible to work at a school under a conditional contract that stipulates extra education. This usually allows teachers to complete appropriate physical education coursework at college while actively teaching. Some states and districts are revamping physical education programs because of the epidemic rise in rates of childhood obesity. However, this is happening at a slow pace due to budget constraints. Additionally, those with advanced degrees in physical education may be able to find employment on committees at the local or state level to create new fitness guidelines for public schools, as well as advocate for physical education reform.

Career Paths with a Physical Education Degree

When people consider career options with a degree in physical education, they often think of P.E. teachers at the elementary, middle, and secondary school levels. These teachers have many responsibilities. These include developing lesson plans, establishing and enforcing rules for behavior, teaching rules and tactics for popular sports, maintaining records, and often coaching in extra-curricular activities. However, there are many other popular career paths for people with degrees in physical education. These degrees can lead to careers in recreation planning, being a referee, personal training, athletic training, and coaching or scouting. They can even serve as a jumping off point for careers in chiropractic medicine, occupational and physical therapy, or even human resources. Corporate health educators can even work with companies that are interested in investing in the wellness of their staff.

Degree Programs in Physical Education

There are many programs for bachelor’s degrees and master’s degrees in physical education, but only accredited programs will benefit your career. Public schools require educators to have a teaching degree from an accredited college or university, and this rule is strictly enforced across the board in every state. As you begin researching degree programs, it is important to ensure the program is an accredited one. You don’t want to spend your time, or especially your money, on an unaccredited program. While traditional colleges and universities are still common for earning a degree, an increasing number of students are choosing to pursue their degree in physical education at online universities.

Accredited physical education programs at online universities provide students with the same quality of education as traditional schools. Students learn the same material and be just as qualified as someone who graduates from a traditional program; the only difference is that all the work is completed online. Due dates are given at the beginning of the course for papers and exams, but beyond that a student is responsible for keeping up with all the material and readings their own. The experience of going to an online university is certainly different than a traditional university, but online universities offer a few benefits too.

Students are able to work at their own pace, and can focus on class when they have time available. People who work full time, or have family commitments can benefit from the freedom online degree programs offer because they do not have to report to a lecture every day. It is still challenging work and it is as difficult to obtain a degree from an online institution. Online programs can be completed by participating full time or part time. The average length of time it takes to earn a bachelor’s degree is four years.

Benefits of a Master’s Degrees in Physical Education

Yes! There are graduate-level programs in this field and while a master’s degree is not required to work as a teacher or instructor, it can increase your salary. A Master of Physical Education degree along with a concentration in business or management allows a student to work as a manager at a gym or within corporate for major fitness brands and companies. Those with a master’s degree in the subject can also work for high end spas and gyms that require significant one-on-one interaction with clients. Many of these facilities want to provide clients with the experience of a top notch trainer who understands the science behind fitness and how the body gets healthy. They want to provide clients with a trainer who is personable and knowledgeable, making this an ideal position for someone with a master’s degree and experience working to get people in shape.

Jobs like these are most common in large metropolitan cities like LA, New York and Miami. Clients want to know the how and why of what’s going on with the health and bodies, as well as how to improve themselves. Someone with a master’s can explain these things in depth versus learning from a trainer with only basic certification. As health becomes a major area for disease prevention, more gyms and fitness centers will be looking for highly qualified physical education instructors who can explain the science of health to clients. Look for these positions on physical fitness job sites and by networking with people in the industry in your area. It is usually spas with fitness facilities and gyms that hire for these positions, which are essentially consultant positions that prep clients for fitness programs and regularly check in to gauge progress. Often high end hotels with gyms that allow public memberships also have a position like this.

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