Salary Information for Physical Education Graduates

Salary and Jobs

Most graduates with degrees in physical education go on to work at an elementary, middle, or high school as physical education and health teachers.

The type of teacher you choose to become should depend on the specific age group you like to teach. How much can you earn teaching at these various age levels? Let’s take a look at the salary information for teachers, based on studies by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Salary Information for Elementary and Secondary School Teachers

Elementary school teachers typically deal with children between the ages of 5 and 10, and they make an average of $58,320 annually. Top paying positions for elementary school teachers can be found in the following states: Alaska, New York, New jersey, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts.

Salary Information for High School Teachers

Physical education teachers interested in working with older children can consider teaching at a high school level and work with teens. High school teachers earn slightly more – a median salary of $55,050 annually.

Making More Money as a Physical Education Graduate

Want to make more money as a physical education teacher? No matter what level you teach at, here are a few tips you can use to earn a higher salary:

If you want to work as a health educator, you will likely have to take additional courses as well as complete a certification exam, depending on where you live and the type of employer. A health educator provides and manages health education programs that help people maximize and maintain healthy lifestyles. Some schools hire full-time health educators with a physical education background.

According to The Bureau of Labor Statistics, health educators earned a mean annual wage of $52,150 in May of 2011. With a master’s degree, you may earn more. States with the highest employment level in this occupation include:

List of online physical education degrees

Kaplan University Health Education (MS) Nutrition Science (BS) The Kaplan University Master of Science in Health Education is built to prepare you to enter many exciting opportunities. Courses focus on exploring the principles of nutrition, prevention, complimentary healthcare, and explores being mentally healthy, not just physically healthy. Kaplan also offers a Nutrition Science program that explores the effects of nutrition and diets on the body and mind.
Argosy University Sports Exercise Psychology (MA) Argosy University's MA in Sports Exercise Psychology features courses in Managing Personal Health, Healthy Eating Habits, Exercise Science Terminology, Fitness Anatomy and Physiology, Flexibility Training and Injury Prevention, and Stress Management Techniques. This distance learning program gives you the skills to work in fitness and health fields.
University of Nebraska at Kearney Education - Physical Edu (MA) The MA of Education in Physical Education at University of Nebraska at Kearney will give you the skills you need to inspire others to become physically fit. Most students finish the program within two years. Courses teach how to design conditioning and personal training programs, nutrition menus, and offer fitness assessments.

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